Sunday, July 29, 2012

Week In Review: 21 - 27 July - Tissues, Tea & Tantrums

Three things happened this week that made me look at my life and reinspired me to make the important things happen. You don't know what is around the corner so every day is an opportunity to start afresh and to push through the barriers that arise. You owe that to yourself.

My Step-Aunt passed away after a battle with a degenerative disease. Sad and horrible and I feel so much for the family and my stepdad that remain. But I hope she is in peace after her long battle.

I found out that a girl I went to high school with died leaving behind her 9 year old daughter. She was my age - 31. Waaaay too young. Shocking and tragic.

Then I was sick with the flu, which in the grand scheme of things isn't huge, but the things that come up when you are lethargic on the couch are. You have time to think. To marinate in the difficult things that come up. You can't hide in your busy-ness. Doubts, fears and emotions come up. I was beating myself up on the things I hadn't done. Where I hadn't reached. What hasn't been accomplished.

I was forgetting about the intangible inner journey I've been on to get me where I need to be. I guess I needed to go through these uncomfortable feelings to push me forwards.

So while I didn't get a lot finished, I did accomplish a few things:

Sunday roast for one of my favourite birthday girls (I kept away from human contact and hid behind tissues)
Created a winter routine
Formulated a health challenge - I'm ready to rock my fitness again after the flu and holiday hiatus
Spoke to my Daddy-O - he's coming back for a couple of months towards the end of the year
Watched the masterchef finale while eating toast
Wrote 11 Ways To Do More With What You Have for 10thousandgirl
Cancelled a bunch of catch ups and meetings as I wasn't fit for public consumption
Played around with business stuff
Booked car in for pink slip
Met with fab business girls in coffee shop
Received a business coaching session

What is inspiring you to move forward SSSs?
Make it as you wish
Arienne xo

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