Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cross-Stitch Creativity

The original photo the cross stitch pattern was made from

My friend Kate Tribe is creating some original cross stitch patterns and will soon have some for sale for your crafting pleasure!

During a wonderful crafty brunch, she put one of my photos (of The Man and I) through a software and created a pattern for me. I thought it would be an ideal gift for The Man's mother when I met her.

I had originally planned to complete the project before I left but unfortunately ran out of time. Luckily I found an awesome craft store next to the Sacre Coeur (Mon Dieu, Sacre Coeur!) during our Paris travels and bought the supplies there.

I started the project on the 7 hour train ride from Paris to Provence with much encouragement from my fellow retreaters. I continued crafting throughout my free time in Provence showing my progress at each evening's 'Show and Tell' session.

Here is some of the progress and the finished product!

A wonderful crafting position in the Conservatory (that we kept calling the Observatory) in the beautiful house we were staying at. 

The first thread colour put in
Later that day
The finished product on the future mother-in-law's mantlepiece
Ta da!
I am sooooooooooo please with how it turned out and really happy that she loved it. It was so nice to give a handmade gift rather than a store bought one because I think it shows a level of forethought. I'm tempted to do another one for ourselves...

Make it as you wish SSSs!
Arienne xo

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