Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July 2012 Dreams/May Review

Me in front of The Basilica in Budapest
May and June were supremely busy and amazing months in the land of Arienne and The Man. The trip of a lifetime to Europe to connect with some amazing women and meet the future-in-laws was a dream come true. I spent the 5 weeks immersing myself in the experience (hence the lack of blogging compounded by our lack of good internet access!).

Now were back in Oz and reconnected with the little black monsters (Zander The Dog and Charlie-Bear The Cat, who were very well pampered and cared for by friends Ms T and Master S). Trying to get back into the flow of things at home, but it is sooooo cold compared to sweltering Hungary!

Without further ado here are my July dreams and the recap of the May ones...


  1. Implement monthly ideas night with The Man - because man, when you get our brains together something magical happens :)
  2. Rearrange furniture in living room
  3. Create new winter routine
  4. Start Wedding Planning
  5. Create outline of my ideal planner
  6. Start a new crafting project
  7. Streamline my life tools
  8. Find a great pair of gumboots
  9. Spend 2x sessions with visual journal
  10. Upload the rest of the Hungary pics
  11. Have 2x date night with The Man
  12. Set up new office
  13. Organise office paperwork
  14. Create biz plan outline


  1. Running first workshop under Savvy Sassy She! May 20th and would love to see you there - it really is a practical life enhancing and life affirming day - Completed - fun, awesome, great group of ladies
  2. Prepare for month long trip in Europe - Completed - was quite prepared although those last few days before we left were HECTIC!
  3. Set intentions for Paris/Provence Art and Yoga retreat with someone I've wanted to meet for 5 years now - Kimberly Wilson! - Completed - Intentions are powerful! I set them and they all happened.
  4. Celebrate my birthday :) - I have to say that probably because I was so busy with the workshop and trip plans that the birthday was hurriedly celebrated - it feels like a blur
  5. Meet The Man's parents, friends and extended family! - Done! I loved them, they loved me - all is well :)
  6. Design brief as below - Oh there are changes in the midst...
  7. Activities for Hungary/Paris and accommodation - Active and accommodated very well!
  8. Yoga 3x a week before trip - Not done, though doing 2 sessions of yoga a day on the retreat got me lithe and limber
  9. Gifts as below - Ooooh, the cross stitch for The Man's mother turned out lovely!
  10. Write plan for SSS Oh there are changes in the midst...

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