Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August 2012 Dreams / July Review

Happy August Savvies!

July was getting back into the swing of things for me after we were away for 5 weeks. A lot was going on, especially if you read my latest Week in Review.

I've started to really make things happen and I am soooooo excited about the next few months. More details will come as the right time arises. It is so great to have a tangible dream that you can work towards with your body, mind and soul.

What is your dream?


  1. Catch up with girlfriend up from Melbourne
  2. Catch up with US based BFF and her little family who are visiting
  3. Have a house repairs day
  4. Write draft of new biz idea with The Man - more deets to come!
  5. Write website copy
  6. Website development
  7. Start Health Challenge - postponed by a few days due to lingering cold
  8. Knit Scarf
  9. Start Granny Square challenge
  10. Online monthly meeting with great women around the world
  11. Wedding dress viewing with girlfriends
  12. Finish reading $100 Start Up by Chris Guillebeau
  13. Announce Thirty Days Of Thanks
  14. Finish incompletes - there are a bunch of emails and promised items that are keeping me awake at night. It doesn't sit well with me.
  15. Catch up with 'long-lost' friends I've not seen in ages


  1. Implement monthly ideas night with The Man - because man, when you get our brains together something magical happens :) - We had one impromptu session- magic happened.
  2. Rearrange furniture in living room - Done! Our living room is so much cozier now.
  3. Create new winter routine - Done! Now it is just implementing
  4. Start Wedding Planning - Done! I've got the dress, we know the month (March 2014) and the girls and I are planning a wedding planning weekend to scout some initial locations
  5. Create outline of my ideal planner - Not completed but definitely started
  6. Start a new crafting project - Not started but have found what I want to do (see above!)
  7. Streamline my life tools - I streamlined my office tools as a start
  8. Find a great pair of gumboots - Done!
  9. Spend 2x sessions with visual journal - Not done!
  10. Upload the rest of the Hungary pics - Done!
  11. Have 2x date night with The Man - Done! Though they weren't really creative. They mostly included eating spicy asian food.
  12. Set up new office -  Done! WIll post pics soon
  13. Organise office paperwork - Not done - there is still a pile waiting for me
  14. Create biz plan outline - Not completed but started. Check out Lean Canvas for an awesome focussed tool
 How was your July SSSs? 

Make it as you wish! xo

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