Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Week In Review - 4-10 August 2012 - A Week Of Not Quites

View of the city sunset from Cockatoo Island
I had a lot of plans this week, the to do list, goals and social calendar were pretty much full. I have to say it was one of those weeks where not a lot got ticked off. Part of me beat myself up for not creating lots of outcomes and 'wasting' the week but the other part of me was more understanding. I was listening to my needs. It was yearning for comfort and coziness rather than rocking it out to the two gigs we missed!

  • Big laundry/clean up day - felt refreshed from clearing things out
  • Cockatoo Island with Miss C - because the ferries etc were full and chaotic we missed Miss L up from Melbs :( but had a great time

Miss C and the awesome bamboo wind chimes installation at the Biennale at Cockatoo Island
  • Weekly accountability session
  • Weekly coaching session
  • Exercise jaunt around the park
  • Juicing!
Delicious fresh fruit and veg destined to be crushed up in the juicer
  • Day spent at the beach side with lovely friend and her daughter for a long overdue catch up (and Zander in tow)
Zander gazing out over the ocean and contemplating where all the balls are at Dee Why Beach
  • Interviewed the wonderful in pink Nicole Cannon of Pink Finance for the 10thousandgirl podcast
  • Warm, cozy evening at home with The Man, The Dog and a movie

How was your week SSSs? Did you schedule things in that didn't happen in the end?  How did you feel about it?

Make it as you wish!


  1. Love the pic from Biennale! So disappointed to miss you guys! Next time we shall have to stick the mainland! Miss L

  2. Yes, the mainland will be safer! We missed you and it was a bummer we didn't get our catch up - but now we have something to look forward to Miss L! xo


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