Friday, February 24, 2012

Weeks in Review: 11 - 24 Feb

Yummy Wine Bar and Indian Dinner Treats evening with galfriends (living the dream ;)
Heaps of yoga with yoga buddies
Garage sale planning
10thousandgirl love and work. Join us for a giant clothes swap on 4th March for International Women's Day
Went to Tyler Tolman's Live Healthy Be Happy seminar. The Man was super blown away by the info and it gave me a reminder kick up the butt around healthy eating
Romantic Scrabble Valentines evening (see photos above)
Saw classic film Breathless at the Art Gallery of NSW's Art After Hours
Got a haircut - finally!
Crowdfunding info night by Pozible. Amazingly interesting
Lunch with Dad and like-minded family friend. Let's save the world!
Vietnamese dinner with friends - yum!
Focus Group #2 & #3 completed. One to go!
Friend in town from London. Great group catchup. I managed to escape before it got too debaucherous!
Watched BBC's Sherlock. Love it
Celebrated birthday with little sister over the phone - wish I could have been there
Camping weekend planning - we're off today with doggy!
Lots of dreaming and planning re SSS...Ideas galore...

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