Saturday, February 11, 2012

Week in Review: 4 - 10 Feb - Reaching Out

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I have had a fabulous week of reaching out to others and others reaching out to me as well. Connections are so important. It really is one of the 'cherry-on-the-top's of life! We are social creatures that crave support and truly connecting with others (interacting with others balanced with some solo time is especially sweet!).

A huge thank you to Ms J for sending me a wonderful email in support of what SSS does for her and to Ms S for feeling like she could reach out and ask for guidance. Both of you have reassured me that doing what I am doing is making a difference - heaps of gratitude to you ladies.

I've also sent emails to a couple of women who are doing some spectacular things in their lives. Three of them are people I have met through friends and had little conversations with, it was little nerve-wracking to actually send them an email and suggest meeting up to connect further. But I received favourable responses from all of them and am teeing up mutually workable times. So, Yay! Fabulous women unite :)

This week has been all over the place, some really great things happened like the above and some really bleh experiences happened too (but they were mostly within me so I managed to move through them and onwards pretty quickly!).

Prepped for my first focus group
Ran first focus group! It was a fabulous few hours and I got SO many insights! Thanks gals :)
Organising 4 more focus groups and shot off the emails and the wonderful RSVPs are coming through! (email me if you're in Sydney and would like to join in!)
Attended Yoga with a View event - they raised $700 towards cancer prevention research
Got into our backyard 'pool' for the first time :) Cocktails and watermelon in the sunshine - looking forward to more of the same!
Supported the first Free 10thousandgirl Webinar as moderator - a success! Next one is on the 22nd Feb. Click here to register.
Wrote more SSS aligned blog posts including How To Review Your Year, My Life & Passion,
Had a fabulous reading done by Dionne Paige
Did the Word of the Day role with Toastmasters with the word Schadenfreude (the joy experienced at the misfortune of others - I know, not very me!)
Have to find an extra night of accomodation in Paris now as flights have changed to Hungary
Entered a comp to co-host a small biz radio show as a one-off. Fingers crossed!
Had accountibility check in. So useful!
Friend Ms K arrived to stay for a couple of weeks

How has your week been? Feel free to share in the comments below (would love to see who is reading this!!!)

Make it as you wish SSS!
Arienne xo

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