Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Take On Love

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Fall in love with yourself a little bit more.
Love yourself first. Love yourself well. Love the whole of yourself. Then reach out and give that real love to others.

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Everyone is worthy of being loved.
There is enough love to go around. It is not finite. It is abundant.

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Love does not equate to that one, grand, one-off event. It can be seen and felt in the small everyday actions and words we give each other.
Surprise the ones you love with little gestures and unusual ways.

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Love that is true is constant. It is not dependent on situation or circumstance.
Love that is real is freely given. It is not asked for or coerced.
Take the time to understand how the other understands love and strive to give it to them in a form they understand.

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Who you love cannot, and should not, be dictated by others.
Love must be nurtured. It can take effort. Make it worth it.

Love yourself. Love each other.

Make it as you wish SSSs
Arienne xo 

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