Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Strength & Surrender

In yoga class the other day, two beautiful words floated into my mind and I grabbed them:


After a few years of emotional struggling I have built much more inner strength. Strength in myself, strength in my life, strength in my beliefs, strength in what my purpose is. 

I now bless that struggle because it has brought me to this place. A new place of wonder and of excitement and empowerment that I can make a difference to others and that I can make a difference to myself.

Yes I still have bad days and I still have my struggles, but now I am sure that I can come out the other side. I trust that I am creative enough, that I am resourceful enough, that I am true to myself enough, and I have a great support system. 

I trust I am worthy, loved and blessed. Who told me that? Well, the most important person did - ME.

So much of this process was a massive learning to stop resisting things. And stop setting up expectations

I now do everything I can towards something and then I surrender. Surrendering takes strength. It is not about giving up yourself, your goals or your power. It is surrendering to the flow.

I surrender to bad days. Then they pass quicker.
I surrender to those emotional rollercoasters. Then they pass quicker.
I surrender to letting go of expectations. They're not important anymore and then life is easier.
I surrender to the universe to help support me in the right direction.

One of my favourite quotations is "What you resist persists". So do that thing, feel that feeling, learn that lesson and then let go - release it and progress.

I still fight for things I believe in, I still go after things that require effort. I still strive towards achieving what is important to me. There are still mistakes and forehead slaps. But I try to go with it.

Knowing when to fight and when to surrender takes strength - I'm building that muscle (and I've come a long way!).

Are you with me? 

have strength then surrender...

Make it as you wish SSSs!
Arienne xo

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