Friday, February 3, 2012

Week in Review: 28 Jan - 3 Feb

Lotsa Zander Time! (pictured with Monkey)

Sister date on Skype
Watch the Men & Women's Australian Open Final (missing the tennis already)
Worked on new sales workshop
Family lunch at the pub
Started with the Goddess Circle
Friend date out for dinner
Got coffee machine on sale :) Thanks Mum!
Booked camping trip for me, The Man and The Dog
Lots of SSSs work. Lots!
Lots of juicy, juicy ideas for SSS...Excited.
Worked down by the Bay in a beautiful office in nature
Started recording Librivox story - about half way through!
Asked everyone to like my Savvy Sassy She Facebook Page - thank you all!
Focus group planning for tomorrow :)
Started watching Game of Thrones - dangerous distraction!
Helped prep upcoming Free 10thousandgirl Webinar
Started creating Weebly website, opened Hootsuite account, signed up with Mailchimp for newsletters.

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