Thursday, February 9, 2012

How to: Review Your Year and Create the 12 Months Ahead

Sometimes we charge through the year. Time flies and we can't even remember what we did last week let alone last month.

We're on automatic pilot just doing, doing, doing.

Running from one to-do to the next. Meeting deadlines. Scrambling around last minute for things.
Sure, there may have been some fun holidays, great dinners with friends, nights out (that you, ahem, may not remember) and you went to that gym class. But then you realise that the year has passed and you didn't achieve x, y OR z.

And what the hell was this year about anyway? What did you really do?

Sound familiar? Feel familiar? Imagine going through the rest of your life like this - Not clear on what was good or bad. Not having the highlights jump out at you. Not seeing the lessons so you could make it better the next time round. Not really reaching or achieving anything that is important to you.

Icky isn't it!

One of our favourite concepts at 10thousandgirl is that you spend time planning a party, a house renovation, a garage sale, your shopping list and the wedding, but how much time do you spend planning your life?

It is simple to change but it takes effort...

Bringing some attention to what you have achieved! Pat yourself on the back for accomplishing something. Review the events, highlights and lessons learned in the previous 12 months. This can be done at any time - not just at the end of the year.

Then create priorities and intentions for the year. Focus on what is important. Set goals. Put plans in place to reach them. Have fun. Celebrate milestones. Then look forward to reviewing the year with a greater sense of satisfaction and joy.

To help you do this Zoe Lamont and I put together (drum roll please!):

The Little Book of Year In Year Out Goodness!
Download the Free Review Your Year and Create the 12 Months Ahead Workbook

It's a series of fun exercises to help you gain clarity and purpose around the year ahead after processing the reflections from the past 12 months. The booklet covers areas such as:
     Reviewing the events and highlights of 2011;
     Collating in one place the things you are grateful for;
     Building or amending your bucket list;
     Reassessing your goals and creating new ones for the upcoming year;
     Setting your intention and priorities for 2012;

Here’s to a 2011 that taught us a lot and to a 2012 that will be packed with whatever you want it to be!

Print it out and brainstorm away - follow the exercise, fill in the blanks.

Make it what you wish SSSs!
Arienne xo

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