Friday, March 2, 2012

March 2012 Dreams/February Review

Potential wedding dress? I hope I'd look half as good as Milla!
 Another month gone by already! At least it was a short one so I have some excuse to feel like it flew by :)

My biggest realisation this week is that I am putting a lot of things before Savvy Sassy She. I don't know whether it is because I don't have a clear plan yet for what needs to be done (waiting on getting all focus group info back before I make big decisions) but I am putting other people's priorities before mine.

I fully admit that I am the one allowing it. No one is pushing things onto me. I am either accepting requests or volunteering for things. And that has made me feel like a useful and contributing member of society. But I also see that it is taking away energy from me building what is important: My business and my future.

So I am really going to put my focus there this month. Seeing where I am over-committing myself to others and ensuring that I am doing something everyday to contribute towards my career dreams.

  1. Celebrate the Man's birthday
  2. Book accommodation in Paris
  3. Organise sister and her boyfriend to come and visit us in Paris (are you reading this Liane?!)
  4. Hold last focus group and move forward!
  5. Develop my workshop plan and set date (scary exciting)
  6. Develop my website (a huge thank you to Bartek (of Evonet & Our Honeymoon Registry) for his offer of technical expertise). 
  7. Start Wedding planning (maybe just try on a dress or two...see above)
  8. Take part in the International Women's Day 10thousandgirl Opp Swap on Sunday 4th March. Looking forward to finding some treasures while I work!
  9. I won a ticket to the fabulous Women as Entrepreneurs WE WIN (Women helping Women in Need) event for International Women's Day on March 8th (get your tickets here!) 
  10. Organise garage sale for end of March
  11. Clear up the clutter in the different rooms of the house (and use for the garage sale!)
  12. And one of the most important things is that I am declaring this the month of ME and Savvy Sassy She
  1. Run first focus group - Done - insightful!
  2. Organise focus groups #2 & #3 - Done and run - one more to go
  3. Attend Yoga with a View
  4. Create and run sales workshop - i started the prep work, but it was postponed by the client to April & May
  5. Create budget with The Man
  6. Go on a romantic camping escapade - Done! So much fun, but don't know how romantic it was with The Dog around...
  7. Paint something (I'm feeling inspired!) -  didn't do - just didn't make the time :(
  8. Celebrate valentines day with the fiance ;) - Done - we had a romantic scrabble night and i kicked arse :)
  9. Organise garage sale - semi-done, we postponed it until the end of March, though I've started putting things aside. We just need to advertise and I need to go through a few more sections of the house.
  10. Do yoga at least 4x a week - I did this for 2 weeks! I went slightly less often for the other two. I really felt a difference when I cut down and see how beneficial it actually is for me.
  11. Start connecting with like-minded bloggers - not done, but I'm seeing the importance of this - both with relationships and moving forwards
  12. Get my social media groove on... - not really - still grooveless in this area...
  13. Recognise the ways the Universe is showing up and supporting my dreams! - done! It is actually amazing when you focus on the things that are supporting you. You start seeing more and more and grow in confidence.
How was your month SSS? Share with me one highlight - I'd love to cheer you on and celebrate with you!

Make it as you wish SSS!
Arienne xo

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