Friday, March 2, 2012

Week in Review: 25 Feb - 2 March 2012: Quality Time

Zander, Me & The Man on our Camping Escape

The Entrance North Beach

Zander dug a hole then sat in the cool sand. What a smart puppy!
Yes, I have some work to do before the belly is photo ready!

Camping at a dog friendly camp ground on the Central Coast (1.5hrs north of Sydney)
Sad a sad goodbye to Daddy-O who left back to Europe after 11 months here (tears galore) :(
Skyped with London-based sister and experienced extreme jealousy that Mum is there with her 
Fish and chips and movie night with beloved friends
Finally finished Librivox recording. Look out for Chapter 6 in Miss Cayley's Adventures
Published podcast for 10thousandgirl with Sarah Lawless of Blue Stockings Inc (empowering women through education)
Edited client brochure
Worked at uni library for a few hours - good new work spot!
Afternoon sipping tea and catching up with super duper friend whom I love (you reading this Miss??)
Did some theta with a friend (realising my intuition pretty fabulous and that I should trust it more)
Interviewed next 10thousandgirl podcast guest
Quality time with The Man :)
Yoga - only once but I realised how much my body and my spirit misses it and how beneficial it truly is for me
Coffee with lovely 10thousandgirl blog contributor

Happy Friday everyone!
Arienne xo


  1. HI Arienne!!! i love your pictures!!!! andrez and you so sun-kissed! Looking great together! :D - Sarah.

  2. Thank you so much Sarah! The sun keeps coming and going and at least we feel like we had our summer in that one weekend!


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