Saturday, March 10, 2012

Week In Review: 3 - 9 March: Women, Events and Tech Progress

Flowers from my lovelies ZL & JK

Helped friend clean their old house for her move (aren't we awesome friends?!)
Baked an apple crumble to bring with us for a dinner invitation
Had fabulous dinner cooked for us, enjoyed great dinner while puppies played :)
10thousandgirl Giant Clothes Swap - pre-organisation, setup, help out, clear up
Arienne's Giant Exhaustion due to above
Cleaned house - housekeeping is not one of my strengths, but it makes me feel fab to have clean floors and semi-uncluttered surfaces...
Received beautiful flowers from the 10thousandgirl lovelies (above)
Yoga several times - juicy!
Dinner with friends (unfortunately they didn't get an apple crumble). Super lovely
Police interview due to dodgy neighbour (exciting place we live...)
Real estate agent and their shenanigans - I'm standing in my power!
Friend staying over for a couple of evenings - great chats and a few theta sessions - powerful!
Opened Paypal Biz and set up a Mailchimp newsletter account
Searching for and shortlisting of wordpress website theme (new site coming soon with more)
Coffee with darling Miss C, who I grumpily helped move out of my area
Approached yoga studio to pitch a workshop...waiting to hear positive news!
Miss C booking in Wedding Dress Shopping Experience #1 for me for next week
Attended Women as Entrepreneurs International Women's Day evening
Amazing meeting with two collaborators for upcoming workshops!
Set up 3 meetings with fab women for upcoming weeks
Met a new like-minded pal in the park!
Watched John Carter at the movies with The Man - not bad :)
Enjoyed another great accountibility session

Seriously, if you start writing down the things you have accomplished and experienced in the past 7 days you will surprise yourself! Doing this always makes me appreciate the activities I have actually done!

What did you get up to this week SSS?
Arienne xo


  1. I love this! We never seem to look at the "done" list, it is always about the "to do" list. Stopping now and again to look at what you HAVE accomplished is a great way to balance perspective.

    Nice post!

  2. Thanks Kristy! That is sooooooo true! Scheduling in some regular time to actually reflect makes a huge difference. It can be easy to overlook this when you're just busy 'doing' so putting time aside to look at your 'done' list is necessary and empowering :)


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