Monday, March 21, 2011

Weddings, I love them

I am totally a romantic at heart. I've always daydreamed and fantasised about love. I used to write poetry for my first boyfriend (hindsight puke). I love romance. I cry when I get flowers. Give me a rom com any day.

So it is actually quite funny that I never fantasised or planned my dream wedding. Such a girl in some ways and sooooo not in others (I think I get ready for a night out faster then most men I know).

And what is actually a little more interesting (you might not think this is interesting at all...sorry) is that I love weddings. I always cry. And it doesn't matter if they are happening live in front of me or on a movie. I get soppy, and my makeup mucks up and I'm discreetly trying to find a tissue (or wiping my face on anything handy including a scarf...yes, it has happened - what class and sophistication I have).

So, it was wonderful that our friends were getting married last weekend in Port Macquarie which is supposedly 4.5 hours north of Sydney (Google maps is a total took us like 5.5 hours to get there and 6 to get home. Okay there was traffic and an accident, but still...just wanted to have a whinge). The trip was worth it!

It was a wonderful wedding, and so great to see it all come together so beautifully after being involved with some of the smaller details (putting together the invites on a hungover day, going to dress fittings, helping choose shoes)!

I love the now Mrs T! She was absolutely stunning and her husband was glowing too. They are such a fabulous couple and great individuals. I am so appreciative that she is such a great friend in my life.

 The bride to be prepping before the wedding. Ken behind her is a blow up sex doll that was representing the Groom's best friend in his unfortunate absence.

 Some of the posse waiting for the bride (great friends Mr S and Ms T were our awesome partners in crime for the weekend)

 The colourful old work crew, so great to catch up!

 The newlyweds about to sign the official documents

 Blowing bubbles never gets old...even when you're 'old'

 Mr S and Ms T at the stunning wedding location

 There was not one good photo of me off my camera, so this was the best one I could find (with The Man) and you can't even see my dress :(

 Did I mention how much I love skinny black ties?? How gorgeous is this pic (and the guy in it is not bad either!!)?

 What beautiful table settings for the wedding!

 Okay, you can see my dress a little better. The girls having a laugh around Ken (he did get his package out numerous times during the evening)

 We actually got a photo of the 6 of us!

We had brunch at Mrs T's family house the next day. Here is a koala that was sitting in the tree at the front of their home. Yes, a real, live, wild koala. AWESOME!!!!!!

So it was a memorable weekend. So full of fun, happiness, love and joy. I'd love for more weekends to be filled with this much hope, dancing, laughter, dreams, travel, sunshine and great company. I love celebrating and connecting. Maybe I will start planning my dream wedding...

Make it as you wish SSSs!
Arienne xo


  1. awww so cute!! ^^ i'm so happy for the new Mr and Mrs!!
    and you realise that by putting Koalas on and australian blog people are going to be convinced that we really do sleep with them >>

  2. I know, I should have thought it through before I put the kangaroo in the garage after I rode it home from shopping


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