Saturday, March 5, 2011

I'm Here! International Women's Day 2011

Well Gals, I apologise for the lack of posts this week. I know, I know excuses shouldn't matter. But hey, too bad! It has been a very busy week in my world, and set to be even busier next week, so apologies in advance ;)

Work is really what has been taking up a lot of my space at the moment, especially as it is drawing close to the 100th Anniversary of International Women's Day (it is on Tuesday 8th March 2011)! To find out more about this day we should all honour read here.

The non-profit I work for The 10thousandgirl Campaign, has supported the UN Women International Women's Day Breakfast that was held today with 1700 attendees!

Yesterday was spent volunteering our time to help stuff 1700 goodie bags and placing 1700 ribbons, chocolates and handouts on each place setting. Don't worry, it wasn't only the two of us, there was also handfuls of school girls, girl guides and the UN Women Breakfast Committee. My arm still hurts and I'm still a little dizzy from going clockwise around the tables (I knew I should have started going anti-clockwise...). Did I mention 1700?

We also donated a door prize of 6x Personal Finance Programs (which Sue Conde, the President of UN Women Australia commented on being a fabulous prize!).

On a more serious note, the breakfast was really amazing. The energy of all those women (and a few men) in that room was great. I was suuuuuuper impressed by one of the 16 year old high school speakers. Wow, talk about confident, eloquent and inspiring. She spoke about being the legacy of all the women who have come before.

Justice Unity Dow, an amazing woman from Botswana, was the Keynote speaker. Dow has been instrumental in bring gender equality to her country. Her linked biography is a rather dry version of her life. Her story was funny, endearing and insightful.

Many of us are so lucky to be living in a time where things for women have improved. And they've improved because of the struggles and hard work of women before us. There is definitely still a way to go with equality in pay. In may parts of the developing world there are still many, many issues around being female. If you haven't already, look at the organisation, The Girl Effect - they tell the story very well. When you empower and give opportunities to women and girls in the community, they can make lasting, positive changes in their community.

The Girl Guides were also there. I was a Girl Guide once, for about two weeks and then we moved and I got way too cool. My childhood best friend's mother was a guide leader and I remember my friend getting up to lots of mischief at Guide and Scout camps. I was really proud when I was around 8 and was a seconder (is that what they were called?) as a Brownie. Anyway, I was given this badge that I proudly wore around yesterday. How cool?!

So, when International Women's Day comes around, be proud and honour those who have come before us. Stand up and be heard when things aren't right. It is paramount all around the world that women's voices and concerns are heard at decision-making times.

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