Saturday, March 5, 2011

Raw Food Challenge Day #19: Challenges

Well, the last few days have been quite challenging. Being out and about a lot has been quite hard in respect to the Raw Food challenge. There are not many raw options available when you're out. Unless you are supremely organised and have a whole bunch of food with you. Raw in Sydney is not very good for spontaneity.

Last weekend we went for a lovely brunch with some friends at a cafe nursery with beautiful balinese decor. I pretty much could only have a fruit salad, then a fruit juice. Man I was totally fruited out. Then we decided to meet another couple and went to a cafe near the city. Unfortunately there was nothing available on the menu and I didn't want to uproot everyone and search for a more suitable location.

So I tried to survive on a peppermint tea and the nuts I had in my bag. I really didn't feel very great with the lack of energy and nourishment. This diet, to be feasible for the next 10 days with a busy schedule, I've decided to expand my options to include raw fish. This means I can at least dine out a little easier with friends and a hen's evening I'm joining (thank god raw is over for the wedding!).

And okay, I have to fess up...My soul just needed a bit of something. Some nurturing that only warm food can bring. So I had a vegetarian noodle dish last night on Date Night with The Man. I know, I know...But I've been 100% raw for 18 days. I didn't even eat the whole dish! I had about half and was supremely filled up. So I listened to my body and I have to say I don't feel guilty because I know I needed it. And it wasn't chips or a fatty dessert!

And I soooooooooo enjoyed it :) I was full of appreciation for the warmth and the flavours. A plate of noodles never tasted soooooooo good.

The major thing I am missing is coffee. I went shopping with some girlfriends this morning looking for shoes for her bridesmaids who live out of town. I had never noticed how many coffee shops there were at that shopping centre! I had a fresh juice instead.

I have to say being without meat is not too bad. I'm craving things like rice and pasta more than I am meat... I feel like I'm making this big list in my head of all the things I want to have when it's over. Naughty! I don't want to have a week of eating all the more unhealthy meals just because I haven't been able to go near them the last month!

What I have found is being this strict with the diet is quite unsustainable. At least for me. I would recommend doing it 80/20. 80% raw food and juices etc 20% healthy cooked options. Moving forward I would like to have a strong foundation in eating a large portion of raw, but having other foods in moderation.

Otherwise I am still feeling good and seeing the benefits in my skin and body in general. My energy is much more consistent and my mental clarity is quite high.

Make it as you wish SSSs!
Arienne xo

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