Sunday, March 6, 2011

Reconnecting with My Dreams

I always find that the busier I am in one part of my life, the less I connect with my overall dreams and goals. I feel the need to make some space to reconnect with the big picture right now amidst this frantic pace.

This lesson comes to me time and time again. That the busy moments are the moments I need to have my schedule and routine together to ensure that I am tracking with things that are most important to me. Otherwise they get lost in the doing sphere of one area.

During these busy times date night, exercise, my focus on relationships, on other interests and activities go out the window. Of course we all have weeks where certain priorities take precedence over others.

And then the minute you don't have things scheduled that feeling of overwhelm creeps up where all the other things I should have done or should be doing rear their head. And I feel frozen in inactivity while my mind churns. Where shall I start? What should I do? Is this thing more important than that? Wait, they're all important...

The mental battle of spending some quality time with The Man (who I feel I have neglected a little, and feel even worse for because I also go away for five days next week including his birthday...Poor boy :( ) and sitting at the laptop to churn away on The Week in Review, Things I Love Thursday and February Review/March dreams. And the struggle between going to Yoga with a gal pal and sitting down and shifting through my finances. Between setting myself up healthily and sitting down to do some work to get a jump start on next week. To trying to clean the kitchen, do the laundry and working out job description roles and salary scales...

Can I fit all of that into the Sunday I have left and still feel refreshed and on top of things for a Monday of a crazy week ahead (coordinating workshops, doing the many final details for our launch event, going to Canberra and then Wagga for workshops and speeches, celebrating The Man's birthday a bit early, enjoying a relatively quiet hen's night out, having some meetings and doing all the other day to day work and trying to catch up from last week). Phew...

There are only so many things we can realistically do, so is it fair to beat ourselves up when we don't achieve them all? Plus ensure that we are looking after ourselves and ensuring that we are giving our souls the nourishment they need?

What a journey our lives are ladies!

So I'm going to pen this, go to yoga, come back and clean the kitchen and do some laundry. Spend some quality time with The Man. Reconnect with my dreams, plan the week ahead. Anything else will be a bonus. And I'm not going to be too hard on myself.

How do you feel during these times? What do you do?

Make it as you wish SSSs!
Arienne xo

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