Saturday, September 28, 2013

Week in Review 21-27 September: Catch Up, Check in & Design

Okay, so this week has been a sluggish one. The cold The Man had finally sunk through my usually strong  defenses, and in revenge I think I gave it back to him... (sorry honey!). It meant that there were lots of things left un-done but I also had time to just be and enjoy the moment without worrying too much about the things I couldn't do anyways.

Vietnamese beer to accompany delish Pho. I didn't think I looked that green...

  • Confirmed wedding reception place and received a 5 million item wedding checklist - eeek!
  • Dinner and sleepover at friends' place - i love sleepovers :)
  • Birthday dinner for girlfriend, complete with incompetent (by me and The Man only) Salsa dancing
  • Catch up with uni girlfriends - over 10 years since we saw each other!
  • Checked in to hotel for romantic few days away with The Man to keep celebrating our 4 year anniversary! We were both sick, so it wasn't super romantic (especially not the man's night dash to 7-11 for cold remedies so we could sleep) ;) We ate our way around Sydney - Dim Sum, German, Vietnamese, went shopping for exciting things like sheets and shorts (actually very exciting - I almost wanted to go home early to put our fantastic new linens on the bed), and went into the spa - probably not great for the cold...
  • Put the new sheets on bed when we got home - it has transformed the room and I so look forward to getting in to my 1000 thread count sheets each night (and occasional daytime nap). Bliss!
  • Packaged and sent Life is Crafted orders
  • Coaching sessions with lovely clients (and a few coughs thrown in)
  • Confirmed last round of new branding with amazing designer (can't wait to share!)
  • Designed and updated two of the 2014 diary templates 
  • Family dog walk - just the one - The Man has been doing all the rest of them - which is the reason I'm telling myself Zander loves him more at the moment...
  • Went to a bookstore (I LOVE THEM), didn't buy anything (yet) just took photos of the ones that interested me to see if I really, really want them...But then forgot to buy the one I intended to (that's why I shouldn't be lazy - I should have just carried it around instead of meaning to go back at the end...) Oh well, I'll have to get Julia Cameron's Vein of Gold next time then!
One of the books I am contemplating...

Weekend Wishes
Engagement party for friends
Should do something for the wedding (ie INVITATIONS!!)
More Life is Crafted goodness.
Life planning for a big course in New Zealand next week
Rest and read - heal body, heal! (especially because I have to get on a plane soon!)

How's your week been lovely Adventuress? Share one of your highlights - do you get as excited about things like sheets as me - or am I that kind of quirky?!

Make it as you wish
Arienne xo 
PS if you know anyone who can help with a wordpress shopping cart that needs to be set up in a relatively short time period please let me know. This is my biggest stressor at the moment and I will love you forever

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