Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September 2013 Dreams

Dearest Savvy Life Adventuresses,
Thank you to those of you who have checked in with me as I've been MIA on the blog for a while :) I'm trying to learn that consistency is key but I've allowed LIFE and LIVING to get in the way of WRITING. tsk tsk to me!

There has been good and ....not-so-good going on in my world over the last few months.

The biggest of which was the passing of our 21-year-old Kitty - Charlie-Bear. Here is the mini farewell we did for her if you'd like to read about her life.

I've also been doing lots of courses to upskill my coaching and to help me with the big vision I have. Life is Crafted had its mid-year diary range launch and I'm doing the 2014 collection now. Wedding plans have been progressing - we have a venue now! Really looking forward to the end of February 2014. We've booked our trip to spend Christmas with my Dad in Europe and to have big family time there. And of course a million and one little and amazing things have happened too.

September 2013 Dreams

  1. New Logo and Branding - some of you might now I'm in the midst of a rebrand of SSS to become Arienne Gorlach - Luxe Life Adventuress - same sentiment just updated! Can't wait to share :)
  2. Life is Crafted 2014 Collection
  3. New Life is Crafted Website started
  4. Releasing sadness - doing some emotional work
  5. Fabulous Family time in Perth - 1st time in years we are all together in one place :)
  6. Celebrate 4 year anniversary with The Man
  7. Design Intro Evening - I'm holding an evening event in the Sydney CBD in late October - super exciting!
  8. Book park for the Wedding
  9. Friend reconnection - catch up with some Uni buddies after almost 10 years!
  10. Work out renovation dates
  11. Stick to new routine (this is an often recurring monthly dream!)
  12. Design weekend retreat - possible event with some like-minded awesome girlfriends!
  13. Other's calendars - I'm working with some great gals on joint calendars
  14. Wedding invitations designed and sent - I'm supposedly doing them myself! Oooooooh
  15. New Editorial Calendar - so I can be here and share more!
How about you my dears? What is on your radar for the rest of the month?

To the biggest adventure of all, your life,
Arienne xo

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