Friday, September 20, 2013

Week in Review - 14-20 September 2013: Family Frenzy, Love Celebration & Braindumps

Family Time! Mum & Dad's Birthday Celebrations in Perth

I've missed my Week in Reviews! It really is such a nice habit to get into. It recaps all you've done during the last 7 days giving a sense of accomplishment and building momentum towards more. It also brings that added bit of awareness to things that have happened, in this world of rushing from one thing to the next.

My Week in Review:

  • We were in Perth for some of the week with the family all in one place for the first time in years!
  • Coffee date with new friend
  • Planning session in park - it was great to get away from the normal surrounds and distractions and have a power 90 minutes of collecting all my scattered info and to dos and put them in one place. I could have spent longer but the parking inspector showed up and I was just about to run out of time on the meter...ahem..
  • Catch up with my 'Specilista' chickie Mrs L and here hubby and growing family. Gotta love tacos :)
  • Swan Valley wine tasting trip with The Man, Daddy-O and the Sissies. Such a great day and a wonderful lunch at The Riverbank - highly recommended!
  • Mini Perth CBD Pub Crawl - it ended up only being two places because the weather was super shite and we didn't want to face the barrage of wind and rain between places. Great seeing a few more of our friend and hearing about Bali Wedding plans and visions of a 6 month South American jaunt
  • Flew back from Perth to Sydney - so great that the little Puppy Monster can fly with us
  • Courses, post office trips for Life is Crafted orders, coaching sessions
  • New work routine planning and creating project folders (i love organising!)
  • Thank you letter written for lovely diary customers
  • 2014 Collection being planned and the first design is being finalised

Happy 4 year Anniversary!
At the Cellar Door of...hmmm can't remember!
Braindumping Planning Session in Perth Park

Weekend Wishes

Lots of catchups to look forward to this weekend - many of them long overdue!
Catch up with Miss C & Master M
Coffee date with Miss Z
Birthday outing for friend Miss L
Catch up with trio of Uni classmates - we haven't seen each other for about 10 years
Check in to lovely hotel to celebrate our 4 year Anniversary - hello sauna and spa

Your Week

If you do a week in review or something similar, leave a link to the post in the comments below!

Make is as you wish Adventuresses,
Arienne xo

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