Friday, November 30, 2012

Week In Review: 24-30 November 2012 Launches & Lunches

The Life Manifesto Print from LifeTyped

I wrote a post about doing a Week In Review over at Life is Crafted last week and it proved to be quite popular! I know I haven't done one here in a while (though I have a few draft posts) but I should let that put me off getting back on the horse.

I have to say that part of me feels like some big things happened, but not much else. Though, it is not until I start looking through my Filofax and seeing what I've actually done, that things I've 'forgotten' about pop out again. So, I might be surprised...let's see!

  • Worked on all the pre-launch tasks with a level of manic craziness for LifeTyped. This included website tweaking, buying process designing and implementation, image decisions, photoshoots, social media launches blah blah blah. I really feel this took up the majority of my time, energy and efforts this week!
  • Launched LifeTyped
  • Friend and business coach over for dinner
  • Picked little Zander dog up from the vet. He had an x-ray done to see if the limp that has been hanging around on and off for 6 weeks was anything serious - IT WASN'T!
  • Went to Australian Businesswomen's Network (ABN) catch up evening
  • Went to the launch of Discordia - it's awesome - check out a different voice for women!
  • Planning gift guide post 
  • Celebrating The Man's Name Day today
  • Lunch with the Daddy-O in Balmain
  • Lots of social media-ing
  • Responding to sales inquiries and emails for Life is Crafted
  • Lots of time with Kirsten (my biz partner and friend in LifeTyped) singing 'What you've done to me' by Xfactor winner Samantha Jade. And yes we though the line was 'I'm a hobbit on the run.'

What was the highlight of your week SSSs?

Make it as you wish,

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