Thursday, November 1, 2012

November 2012 Dreams/September Review!

This post is also for Day 1 of the November 365/30 List for Philofaxers.

Well friends there are a lot of amazing things happening in the land of Arienne, Savvy Sassy She and my new venture that embraces my planning/planner side. Life is Crafted . I'm being a bit head down, bum up as I focus on making my business dreams happen.

I'm so loving the fact that I am making something I love. That I have an outlet for my passion and creativity and it is being channeled into something I so enjoy (and that I hope others will too). I understand, for the first time, absolutely loving what you do so that it doesn't feel like work. There will be a lot going on over the next few weeks and I'll finally be able to make a lot of announcements! Yay

I also have to pull back on my social outings - so apologies in advance if I don't make it to things. It's nothing personal :)

Because of this focus I think my November dreams will be quite short. Some of these dreams/goals have numerous (many, plenty, heaps of, a lot, plentiful - any other synonym for numerous) steps...

  1. Launch Life is Crafted - printable planner refills that are more than just an appointment recorder
  2. Launch another biz of which I have a wonderful Co-founder :)
  3. Do more videos for my Life is Crafted YouTube channel - feel free to subscribe!
  4. Organise Perth christmas trip (mostly Zander related organisation - we'll have a flying puppy!)
  5. Spend quality time with the Daddy-O
  6. Write my non-fiction version of NaNoWriMo
  7. Help out at Bookclub Fundraiser join us if you can!
  8. Attend lovely friends' baby shower
  9. Jazz in the Park, dinners with friends, Bday celebrations and nothing more!
  10. Remember tear myself away from the computer to exercise because it is good for me
  11. Maintain date nights with The Man
  12. Breathe, be grateful and enjoy the busy-ness! Remember the big picture
  1. Celebrate 3 year anniversary together with The Man - Done!
  2. Progress SSS redesign with Carly from Moozoo Designs - Done!
  3. Help celebrate friend's book launch - Done! Check it out!
  4. Help celebrate Ms C & Mr M's Permanent Residency Party - Done!
  5. Attend cousin's wedding - Done and what a lovely wedding it was!
  6. Clear up paperwork that is currently all over the place - not done, paperwork only added to!
  7. Get back into a regular yoga practice - ahem...not done
  8. Craft new health goal - ahem...not done
  9. Reconnect with my journal - Done!
  10. Catch up with Perth Bestie coming to town - So fab to see Ms L!
  11. Launch the new professional focussed me - Done - I'm professional now ;)
  12. Get clear on biz direction and timeframe - Done!
  13. Create logo for new biz - Done! Check out
  14. Revamp editorial calendar - Done!
  15. Implement new insight into my life - Done
  16. New website progress - Progressed - still a few things to do today!
  17. Web copy draft - Progressed
  18. Finish $100 Start Up as below - Done! Love it!

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