Wednesday, October 24, 2012

360/30 Lists: 19-23 Oct 12

19. Today is amazing because…

Even though I’ve been so busy with The Man away, the animals, the Dad arriving and the pre-work launch stuff for two businesses (plus the usual social, personal and household demands) I got everything on my to do list done.
I amazed myself! Go me.

20. Favourite characters in films

I’ve drawn an absolute blank… Amelie? The dolphin at the end of Deep Blue?

21. Foods to try

I’ve tried most foods that I wanted to (I’ve even tried some I didn’t want to!). Traveling gives you many opportunities to test your palette…

A food I wish I liked are Olives. Yes, it just seems like they should be something I love. They’re salty and sophisticated and I really believe I should be an olive loving person. Alas I am not.

22. Colours of the rainbow from most to least favourite

What was that rainbow song from my childhood? Red and yellow and pink and??? [just back from googling rainbow colours].
So, from Newton’s 7 primary colour spectrum my hierarchy of rainbow colour favourites from highest to lowest amount of liking are…

23. Sports you want to try

I grew up reading lots of Enid Blyton books. I wanted to be part of the Magic Faraway Tree with Dick, Fanny and Bessie (no kidding), the Famous Five and Malory Towers. Because of the latter, I have a weird curiosity around Lacrosse. I’ve never seen it played, have no idea what the rules are or what you would need to wear. BUT I WANT TO PLAY IT!

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