Saturday, December 1, 2012

December 2012 Dreams/November Review

Summer Christmas!

I feel as if this month has gone past in a blur of productivity and yummy refreshments. Luckily December is a great month to stop and review the past year and start looking forward to the next. My December Dreams are mainly made up of these activities :)


  1. 2012 Year in review session
  2. New Year's goals and resolutions
  3. Revamp routines
  4. Plan projects and commitments for 2013
  5. Develop product range for Life is Crafted
  6. Develop product range for LifeTyped
  7. Maintain Family Christmas tradition - interviews
  8. Celebrate NYE with ones I love
  9. Finally go to the hairdresser!
  10. Other long overdue pampering - massage & beautician
  11. Attend Hungarian Christmas party with The Man
  12. Host informal LifeTyped launch party and catch up drinks
  13. Attend 10thousandgirl Link Up Event
  14. Write a gift guide and share goodies with friends and network
  15. Attend local Christmas street party and connect with neighbours
  16. Check out the Finders Keepers market
  17. Wave a temporary farewell to biz partner as she jets off to New Zealand
  18. Organise computer - clean up desktop and files
  19. Esty and Andable myself up
  20. Find awesome basic advice from an accountant for legal set up
  21. Tax prep

  1. Launch Life is Crafted - printable planner refills that are more than just an appointment recorder - Done! So excited to finally see the tangible outcome of one of my dreams!
  2. Launch another biz of which I have a wonderful Co-founder :) - Done! is live! Gorgeous prints around celebrating life!
  3. Do more videos for my Life is Crafted YouTube channel - feel free to subscribe! - Done! I'm so chuffed to have over 100 subscribers now - I've got some great videos in the works too :)
  4. Organise Perth christmas trip (mostly Zander related organisation - we'll have a flying puppy!) - Done! We just need to get a crate now...
  5. Spend quality time with the Daddy-O - It has been challenging with so many business things going on, but we've managed to have wonderful dinners together most nights and we went out for a lovely lunch yesterday!
  6. Write my non-fiction version of NaNoWriMo - Not done! I mean really. What was I thinking?! Launching two businesses and writing a book?! This has been postponed!!
  7. Help out at Bookclub Fundraiser join us if you can! - Done! What an eye-opening evening. I laughed and I cried and I got inspired to help. If you've not already heard of Geraldine Cox and her Sunrise Children's Villages in Cambodia, I strongly suggest you do. One way of supporting is buying candles
  8. Attend lovely friends' baby shower - Done! Some great ideas and activities!
  9. Jazz in the Park, dinners with friends, Bday celebrations and nothing more! - Done! I really tried to keep focussed on what I had to do in the short-term. I worked hard and had a few outings - but nothing too over the top!
  10. Remember tear myself away from the computer to exercise because it is good for me - Hmmm, so so. I did start yoga back up for a few days, but I really need to get back into the swing of things now that the urgent launch dates are over
  11. Maintain date nights with The Man - Hmmm, not so great at doing this. Luckily The Man is uber understanding and supportive!
  12. Breathe, be grateful and enjoy the busy-ness! Remember the big picture. -  Done! I'm not saying it was easy and I didn't get stressed, but most of the time I remembered to try and enjoy the journey - It helped when others noticed I was very stressed and pointed it out and reminded me to breathe :)
What's one of the things you're planning for December Savvies?

Make it as you wish,

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