Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Childhoon Inspirations...Rekindled

Pearl Jam were a real childhood inspiration. Their music and lyrics helped me dream, plan, listen and write poetry from my teenage heart. And I was [insert teen girl voice] like totally in love with Eddie (yes, that is a very blurry picture of him I took last week).

I saw them on Sunday 22nd November 2009 in Sydney (I saw them some time in the late 90's as well in Perth) and it rekindled that wonder about the world that can easily go missing nowadays.

I dug out that book filled with those words I wrote and it brought me back to two different times. One of the family trips to Europe and I continually listened to 'Vs' and then that balcony in Bangkok I used to sit on when I listened to every lyric of the 'Vitalogy' album. And I felt that intense wonder I used to feel when I really listened and felt and was touched and inspired by something.

What were your childhood inspirations? What can you do to rekindle those feelings?

Make it what you wish SSSs!

Arienne x

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