Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Sartorialist

So The Sartorialist Scott Schumann was in Sydney on Tuesday the 8th December 2009 for his book signing at the Sass & Bide store.

I'm glad I got there early as the queue grew alarmingly long behind me. To be more time effective I actually brought some work for me to peruse while standing for the 45minutes or so I was there for (ooooh, good multitasking Arienne!). Though I have to say I did a lot of 'beautiful people' watching too!

I have him to thank for inspiring me to actually take action with SSS and start my blog. Within a week of discovering his blog, I started mine, so I really wanted to take the time to go there, buy his beautiful book, get it signed and thank him in person.

Though my interests don't strongly lie in fashion or photography (though I enjoy both), his creative eye and his view on the world is moving to even those outside these areas. I told this to him but I have to admit I did stumble over my words a little! That's a pic of me and Scott and a picture of a small part of the line when I was leaving!

I would like to think that when SSS gets better known that people will take the time to let me know if something SSS has done has helped them in some way.

Who would you like to thank and give gratitude to? Go on, make a point of doing it!
Make it what you wish SSSs!

Arienne x

Empowering Women


  1. Vettina / Vetticles / VettieDecember 11, 2009 at 2:20 AM

    That's amazing that you met him, Arienne. I would like to give some gratitude to you, you're such a uniquely kind person. Friends like you are very hard to find. xoxo

  2. Nice picture Arienne!! You're really inspiring! I know you're a really driven person from how we used to work together but it still came as a surprise that you actually waited in line for 45 mins to meet The Sartorialist! I love his work and would stare mouth open from scrolling down his pics. His impeccable taste for style is what really captivates me.


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