Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Back to Work...

So, after spending an amazing time in Perth with the family and other loved ones, I'm back in Sydney-town and back at the JOB...

It was so wonderful seeing my sister (Liane) and her partner (Russell), my dad who normally lives in Europe, good friends and the extended family. Plus I was showing Perth off to the Man (i've already said that we have to go back because there was so much we didn't fit in, in the 10 days we were there).

So the time totally flew but there were many highlights from Perth:
  • Seeing the wonderous Pinnacles again after many years
  • Music, lots of Live Music! Wolves (the awesome band Russell is in), The Chemist set next door to our new apartment @ The Ellington Jazz Club
  • Seeing my apartment for the first time. Liane and I bought it earlier this year and i've only seen pictures and the mortgage payment coming out of the bank account!
  • Bali Reunion, with some of the wonderful friends that attended Lauren and Paul's Wedding in October
  • Perth Sunsets - pics to come!
  • Xmas Eve, the billions of presents we all gave and received and the absolutely scrumptious Christmas meal Dad cooked!
  • Blow up pool party at Russells'
  • Playing crazy fun card game with aunty, uncle and cousins
  • Multi-cultural farewell lunch with French onion soup (thanks to the Man), Peasant Stew (thanks to Nic), portugese cake (thanks to Aunty) and garlic bread (thanks to me!)

So wherever you were for your holiday season frivolity, I hope you had as an amazing time as I managed to have!

Make it as you wish SSSs!

xo Arienne

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