Friday, November 27, 2009

Compliments for all!!!

Its such a nice feeling when someone you know, let alone, someone you don't really know, pays you a compliment out of nowhere!

It can really make someone's day when you notice something about them and comment on it. I know I have been guilty in the past of thinking something really nice about someone, but not letting them know, either because I thought they might think I was strange, or because the moment passed.

So if you do want to compliment someone, just do it! You will make them feel amazing and you'll feel great too knowing you had a part in making them feel good.

Did you know you can also pay yourself a compliment? You know those moments where you did something really well or you've put a lot of effort into getting ready for a night out - you ARE allowed to stop and go "wow...I do look pretty good" or "good on me...I did a great job!"

When was the last time you randomly paid someone a compliment? And what was the situation? How did it feel? How did they react? Go and spread the cheer fellow SSSs!

Make it what you wish SSSs!

Arienne x

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