Thursday, November 26, 2009


So...I've let my perfectionsim take over a little - but at least I'm realising it and catching myself when it happens and that's half the battle (and those of you who know me well are probably wondering ...what perfectionism????)

My little notebook has received A LOT of entries to do with ideas for blog posts, but I keep wanting them to be perfect, so I look at the subject from all angles and keep re-drafting and then not posting.

So I've made a decision. I will post anyway! They may not be perfect and answer every possible question you may have at that moment, but I hope they will capture the gist of my meaning and the essence of what I'm saying comes through.

Which means you will be privvy to a whole lot more (are using those three words together redundant??) SSS posts Ladies!

Make it what you wish SSSs!

Arienne x

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