Thursday, January 14, 2010

City Inspiration

I. Love. That Jay-Z song that I don't even know the real name of... I  
will discover it, but it's all about New York and how the lights will
inspire you. C'mon you know it right?!

Well, I've had a lovely night out in Sydney-town with a couple of the
girls and I'm on my way home on the good old tram, feeling very
inspired from the conversation and the beautiful city lights I
experienced on the way back (that you can surely see from the photos)!

It is amazing when you have the opportunity to see the inspiration in
the everyday. You sometimes just have to take a moment and stop. When
you do that you can realise that what you go through every day is
really quite remarkable.

When sourcing subjects to blog about, I often just stop and look at
the things that have occurred in my life on that day, the
conversations, or the thoughts, or the events, and really see how
interesting or how applicable they probably are to most people. Not
that my life is anymore interesting than anyone else's, but that the
little (and big!) goings on and thought processes are relevant to a SSS.

Looking back on tonight's conversation, we tackled love,
relationships, saying 'YES' to more things in life, introducing
fitness regimes and how it effects the balance in your life, work and
life balance, making time to cultivate friendships. These are all
things I want to try to help you achieve in your lives my dear SSSs
(and to help achieve in mine! I'm on this exciting journey too!) To
get people thinking and talking about their lives, then giving them a
template to plan and take action!

Is this what you want too?

Make it as you wish SSSs!
Arienne x

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