Friday, February 12, 2010

Red Red Wine!

Red, red wine...
What do you do when you have guests and feel like having some wine but you haven't got any?
You raid the flatmate's stash, looking for the most inexpensive bottle you can replace. Then, before you open the bottle, you are attacked by the fear it could be a really expensive Wolf Blass, so you google the cost of the replacement...
$8.99? Bargain!
'POP'! (well...unscrew)
And then...
Q: what if they see you drinking their wine?!
A: pour it into one of your previously emptied bottles, get rid of the evidence and sip innocently and contentedly on the verandah

True story! Happened to... a friend of mine.
And a replacement is it's way! SSS do not steal nor deceive maliciously!

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