Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Welcome to 2010!

Well SSSs, welcome to the year that is 2010!

Another year (and another decade) has begun and while it is not necessary for a new year to begin to start to change your life, it is a perfect opportunity to reflect and reassess.

Setting an intention for the year is a great way to facilitate change. An umbrella heading of something that you intend to do/be/act on for the year that dictates alot of your actions and behaviours.

My intention for the year is 'INTEGRITY'.

Integrity to me means doing what I say I will. Doing what I promise to others and perhaps more importantly, doing what I promise to myself.

It means being accountible for my words and then for my actions.
It means not promising something just for the sake of it.
It means not promising something when I have no real intention of carrying something out or saying 'Yes' to something without really thinking about it.

Integrity may seem like something small that you say 'of course I have integrity!', but think of all those small things you've said you'll do but have forgotten all about (i'll give you a call next week or it's my turn to take out the garbage next week). Or those bigger goals you've made (losing weight, quitting smoking etc) that you've neglected.

Think realistically before you commit to something, because when you do commit it will actually mean something because your word will become Law. When you say it out loud or say it to someone or write it down somewhere you are committing yourself to following through on it.

If you have integrity your self confidence will build in yourself. When you tell yourself you'll do something, big or small, and then actually do it, each and every time, your self esteem builds because you know you can trust yourself and your respect from others build because they can trust you.

See how important it is?

So, how do you remind yourself of your intention? Just like anything it takes a while to build a habit. But a few reminders around the place will help. Stick a note on the bathroom mirror, on the back of the toilet door, somewhere in the shower, in or on your diary, on your computer and see the intention and think about it - for 10 seconds, just to constantly bring you back to that point. Think about it while you are going through your day and see how you can apply it

So what is your main intention for the year?

Make it as you wish SSSs!

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