Monday, April 15, 2013

Week in Review: 6-12 April 2013 - Photoshoots, Product Development & Passions

Oooooh, this week has been mega Savvies! Meeting so many fab people who are helping me make my dreams comes true. Also just stumbling across peeps doing magic in their own worlds and seeing how I can help them work towards the lives they want. There truly are amazing things out there when you zip past all the crap and focus on the good.

Here's what I've been up to this week. I know it looks like a lot, but if you did the same, you might amaze yourself...

Meeting with two designers for new Life is Crafted product designs - amazing peeps!
Cleaned house - mopping magic!
Got ready for a night out only to discover it was on Friday, not Saturday - #lifeblooper
Extra early wake ups due to Daylight saving time changes

Celebrated Zander's 2nd birthday. He's such a puppy delight
Online meeting with amazing international mastermind group

Business name brainstorming session for friend
Wrote raw and real post over at LIC about freaking out. This was a hard one and it took heaps of energy out of me. 
Went to 'More Money for Shoes' event, met some amazing women in real life and heard Jodie Fox of ShoesOfPrey speak.
Won gorgeous Uberfine necklace
Brainstorming new product ideas
New connections with people who will be skipping the paths ahead with me
Website ideas being developed
New branding meeting with Designer
Wrote 3 Best Qualities Post and got some great emails about it - go powerhouse women!
Contacted printers, lots of printing associated thinking and decisions
Beauty stuff
Lots of instagramming! I'm playing around with a few photo Apps. Check out my profile on on Instagram!

Mum and stepdad arrived - only for one night though! 
Prepping for a natural light photoshoot (pics to come!) with Lauren Emily Photography. Choosing outfits is sooooooo hard!

Got may hair done and then made friends with the gorgeous gal who did my makeup! Ooooh loved the pampering
Lots of timeline and project planning
2 days away from the computer doing a lot of the above!
Spending time with Lisa Fox of Open Shed - she is AWESOMEness

What was the highlight of your week darlings?

Make it as you wish!


  1. It seems like you are really on a roll (and have been for a while) with life. It's lovely to watch. xxx

  2. Thank you lovely Vettie :) I know you've seen me at my worst and darkest days and I am so happy that I have come such a long way since then! Thank you for being part of the journey. Lots of love xo


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