Friday, April 19, 2013

Week in Review: 13-19 April 2013 - Stepping Up

My gorgeous sister Liane ;) Happy birthday!!!!

This week has been full of magic. Internal magic. I've had ahas, breakthroughs and am finally ready to be truly me and step up into my essence and spread my message. I know, I know, it sounds very deep!

Well it is and I'm not being apologetic about it. I've been on this self discovery journey for about 6 years now, but it has only been in the last week that I am really owning it. I've been to hell and back and it's been a blessing. I've put in the hard yards to shake up my life from the inside out and I'm ready to truly flourish and do what it takes to sprinkle my version of life-fabulousness on the world. I don't know all the exact 'hows' yet but I'm not going to let that stop me. I'm clear on my Why and my Path so I'm just going to delve into it and do what it takes. I'm truly not afraid to show the real me now.

Are you ready to stop letting fear control you? What can you do to get closer to the true you?

Alright, now we've started with that amazingness, on to this week in review! I feel like I have done a lot because I've 'gotten over myself' and just jumped into doing things that I might have previously felt super, super, super duper uncomfortable about (so much so that I would probably put it off and self-sabotage, end up not doing it and then beat myself up about not doing it...exhausting!).

Instagramming away for #fflovephotoaday
Dinner catch up with wonderful friend Mrs T. We ate amazing Roti in the city (mouth watering!!!!)
Attended life-changing weekend event. Perfect You. Highly recommend it for pushing forward in life. I'm ready, I'm stepping up. This is my life.
Had birthday chat with my gorgeous sister Liane. I wish I could have been there in person, but my heart was celebrating with her!
Had much needed phone catch up with the Daddy-O. Switzerland feels so far away sometimes.
Lots of catch up responses and reach outs in front of the computer. Being away from emails for two days takes a bit of follow up work!
Wrote a couple of emails that really stretched my comfort zones. But have done it with heart and positive intention and am seeing that I am dealing with this discomfort and uncertainty in a whole new way!
Lots of action taking with progressing Life is Crafted planner printing - speaking with printers and dealing with quantities and questions
Working with providing the designers with what they need for the male version of the LIC planner...
Printing out a surge of Life is Crafted orders! Yay!
Progressing The Man's next stage of visa stuff - I think he's going to be formally Australian before I am (I've been an 'Aussie' with only permanent resident status for 25 years...)
Putting finishing touches on new calendar product
Beautiful catch up meeting with truly amazing women from course I'm doing in Manly. Goddess Inspiration Loops where we are reflecting inspiration off each other and giving each other fab ideas.
Great conversation with Miss C who is inspiring me to pay more attention to my health again.
New website brainstorming
Slight facebook revamp (if you've not 'liked' me yet, go on!

How about you? What have you done this week that made you feel uncomfortable but you knew it was actually important to the big picture so you did it anyway?

Make it as you wish! Become an Adventuress in your life,


  1. Good on you Arienne. Keep on keeping on my love. Onwards and upwards! x x x

  2. Thanks Miss! It looks live you've been on awesome super creation mode :) Go Girl! I sent you a message via FB, not sure if you've come across it, it could be in your Messages --> Other folder that I've just learned about as I think i sent it before we were officially 'friends' ;)

    Thank you for your wonderful words of encouragement xo

  3. Cheering you on your adventures, Arienne...YOU GO, GIRL! And sending warm birthday wishes to your dear sis, Liane.



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