Saturday, September 15, 2012

Week In Review: 8 - 14 September: Alohas, Puppies and Reality

Sunset at Waikiki Beach
Some of you may know that I had an amazing last minute opportunity to go to Hawaii to spend some time with my mum and sister - which is why I'v not been too active on the site the last couple of weeks - but more on that later!

I've been back one week now...In some ways productive and in others pining for the warmth, sea and carefree holiday feel the islands gave me. Sigh...

Arienne's Week In Review
  • Travelled back on Hawaiian Airways and watched many Hawaii 5-0 episodes
  • Face to face business coaching session
  • Watched X-factor episodes (yes I love it)
  • Bucket-loads of laundry
  • Happily putting away my beautiful shopping finds - I've got my whole summer wardrobe on the cheap (thanks Labour Day sales - Macy's, Factory Outlets and Victoria's Secret!)
  • Happy doggy walks with Zander and his girlfriend Maddie
  • Girlie time with Miss J who is staying at the moment
  • Aussie time with Mum (though more Hawaii time together would have been slightly preferable)
  • 10thousandgirl website work...hackers...why?
  • Phone catch up with friends near and far
  • Hot-water drama in investment property
  • Lots of home cooking - bolognaise, chicken curry & tacos
  • Re-organising work timeframes and to-dos
  • Logo work
  • Project planning
  • Runs, push-ups and sit ups during doggy walks
  • Reading fun switch off novels
I have so much to share about my upcoming plans - I'm excited to let you all know what they are but need a little more time to put them in place before I shout them out :)

What was a highlight of you week Savvy Shes?

Make it as you wish SSS,

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