Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Glimpse Into A Possibility Of How Life Can Be

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This may seem simplistic. When I wrote it out I wondered if it was as amazing as it actually feels. There can be such a difference between hearing a theory that resonates with you and actually implementing it in your life...

Ever had that experience? For example, where you know that forgiveness is freeing, it sounds simple, but that actually doing it is sooooo hard? But when you do - when you forgive and let go, that 'free-ness' is amazing.

Or, one that is close to my heart, that when you allow the fear you feel in and sit with it you can get through it. You get more empowered and the fear diminishes. Yeah. Not an easy one but when you actually do it, it is true and liberating.

So the other day I had an insight into how life could be for me.

What if I just stop putting needless pressure on myself and design my day the way I really want it to go - so I can enjoy it and look forward to it?

Simple? Sounds like it should be - so why have I not allowed myself this before? I've come so far in making significant changes in my life so I can live a life that is more mine. Now that I am here why am I allowing myself to not enjoy the things I have chosen??? I'm ridiculous aren't I??

We all put shoulds, musts and have-tos into our lives that drain so much of the fun and enjoyment out of our everydays. What if we were able to remove this needless pressure and go about doing stuff in a way that gives us joy, bliss and laughter? Plus how about ensuring we work in some obviously pleasurable things?

What if we could change our perspectives on some of those less fun tasks and see how they fit into our bigger picture and therefore do them with more delight? If they have to be done, why can't we choose to do them with more pleasure and enjoy the necessity?

My **SPARKLY** (I emphasise that because she does sprinkle sparkle wherever she goes with her tiara and awesome self) friend Denise over at Concert Chick wrote a fabulous related post about being Peacefully Productive.

I find that because I'm looking at all the things that need to be done that I am not doing I think I need to make more time for them so I don't schedule the fun stuff - catching up with friends, going for a lovely walk.

So now...
I am choosing to stop putting that needless pressure on myself. I choose to enjoy my days a whole lot more! I choose to view my shoulds/musts/have-tos with more understanding and have more fun with them. This is all done with the view of peaceful productivity, gleefully working towards my awesome goals and joyfully waking up and looking forward to my day.

Sounds good, right?! Here we go!

How do you want to feel everyday? How will you make that happen?
Make it as you wish SSSs!

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