Saturday, April 14, 2012 30th March - 13th April

Hello big wide world (well, maybe just the three people that read this blog on a regular basis - jokes, I know there are really four),

This is a beautiful pic from where I am writing my week in review in Perth. I think I'm in Melville somewhere. I'm really not sure... I dropped my sister off so she can jump off cliffs into the Swan River and than climb back up rocks to do it all over again. I'm a pretty cool sister huh?! I am trying not to freak out about what could go wrong...Therefore I thought this could be a distraction...

I've been a little slack with my week in reviews lately. I have a few drafts that started to cover the last few weeks but hey, more interesting things have been going on so i let them slide and nobody died (yay!).

Went to a crafty brunch full of really interesting women! Got a cross-stitch pattern of a pic of The Man and I to craft up to give to his mum.
Wrote monthly dreams post
Formally registered Savvy Sassy She as a business operating in the physical world!
Mini yoga workshop at home for friend and The Man, showing them the basics.
The Man came to yoga. Life.Changing.Moment.
Shopping in Ashfield. Hello the chinese side of me!
Doggy park friends came over for dinner with Zander's best friend. Lovely couple and awesome pup
Workshop planning session x2 (check out my events page or for more deets!)
Yoga heaps more times this fortnight!!! Go me during Easter :)
Dinner at gorgeous friends' place. After they told me they are moving back to Perth (booooooooooooo!)
Watched 'Real Steel' - pretty good - Hugh Jackman - what can I say?!
Zander's first birthday!!!!
Created flyer for birthday...
Revamped blog in preparation to blog awards that I thought I'd entered myself in (nope...I didn't)...
Coffee with super-interesting, like-minded friend
Flew to Perth (I'm here now)
Met really lovely air steward - there are some really lovely friendly people out there. Go Singaporeans!
Fabulous coaching session...
Joined in on Marketing meeting for mum's biz
Got through Friday the 13th without any evidence of superstitious stuff...
Amazing theta session with friend
Booked Paris accommodation through

Well that is the short overview of the last fortnight. Plenty of wonderful things going on. Lots and lots and lots to do. But they are all towards the creation of the life I want (though I'm enjoying a lot now, knowing i'm on my way!)

Make it as you wish SSSs!
Arienne xo

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