Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April 2012 Dreams/March Review

So many fabulous and exciting things going on! Although time is flying I want to ensure that I am doing what is important to me and enjoying the process!

  1. Enjoy family and friend time in Perth
  2. Run sales training for a business in Perth
  3. Confirm the friends house/pet sitting for us in May
  4. Yoga 3xweek until I go to Paris!
  5. Sister time in Sydney
  6. Graphic Design brief completed 
  7. Book flights for cousin's wedding in Singapore
  8. Finalise Paris accommodation
  9. Celebrate Zander's first birthday on 8th April
  10. Balance due for Art & Yoga retreat
  11. Plan activities for France/Hungary
  12. Start creating gifts for The Man's family and friends
  13. SSS website - I have to do it!!!!!
  14. Announce collaborative workshop dates - oh so excitement!
  1. Celebrate the Man's birthday - Nicely celebrated!
  2. Book accommodation in Paris - We've sent out a few requests and waiting to hear back. Using
  3. Organise sister and her boyfriend to come and visit us in Paris(i meant Budapest!) (are you reading this Liane?!) - My sister obviously read this as they have booked a weekend with us!
  4. Hold last focus group and move forward! Done!
  5. Develop my workshop plan and set date (scary exciting) - the original workshop has changed and there is an announcement coming shortly - flyer is pretty much ready!
  6. Develop my website (a huge thank you to Bartek (of Evonet & Our Honeymoon Registry) for his offer of technical expertise). Haven't done too much of this but it is my focus over the next couple of weeks as it is super important - I just need to play around a little
  7. Start Wedding planning (maybe just try on a dress or two...see above) I tried on some BEAUTIFUL dresses and have gotten more in the mood. We really need to decide when and where so we can send the save the dates!
  8. Take part in the International Women's Day 10thousandgirl Opp Swap on Sunday 4th March. Looking forward to finding some treasures while I work! Done and I did find a couple of treasures.
  9. I won a ticket to the fabulous Women as Entrepreneurs WE WIN (Women helping Women in Need) event for International Women's Day on March 8th (get your tickets here!) Had a great evening and The Man even came along!
  10. Organise garage sale for end of March Now we're piggy-backing onto the suburb-wide one in the middle of April. Final decluttering over Easter!
  11. Clear up the clutter in the different rooms of the house (and use for the garage sale!)I've gotten through a couple of rooms and bookselves - a good start!
  12. And one of the most important things is that I am declaring this the month of ME and Savvy Sassy She I did do a little bit more for me!

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