Monday, March 15, 2010

Global Poverty Project

There was a lecture run at Uni the other evening. It was outside my work time, but it interested me greatly so I stayed back. It was presented by Simon Moss, one of the co-founders of the Global Poverty Project and he spoke using a version of their 1.4 Billion Reasons talk (a trailer can be seen here).

It really moved me. We often hear about poverty and those living in it. Did you know how much helping and empowering girls and women in these countries can bring about social change? Hearing individual stories is moving and then you realise you can do small (and big) things to help.

Things like buying Fair Trade products and how that really can impact individuals in developing countries and how that in turn increases education and health care for those who need it.

Some sites and resouces that can help you find out more: - the fun finance program I am involved in that aims to get 10,000 Australian women more financially literate and that ultimately helps others through microfinancing via Opportunity International - bringing awareness to how a single girl can make a drastic change in her community - loans that change lives - commit to take action to eradicate poverty - more info on Fair Trade

What small thing can you do to help?

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