Saturday, May 4, 2013

Shoutout Sister Saturday: Zoe Lamont

Today's 'shoutout to a sister' is to my dear Zoe Lamont. Passionate about social change she's founded financial literacy organisation for women around Australia to make finance more fun. Zoe has also co-founded bringing financial cornerstones and life planning into the workplace.

A raucous laugh and an unflinching belief in the goodness of people, Zoe sprinkles fun and positive change wherever she goes. I even quoted her in one of my Life is Crafted Planners 'Give first, love first and then watch the magic happen.'

I've done my first Audioboo (or as I now like to call it, AudioYAY) - which is just a small audio snippet if you like to hear instead of read. which you can hear below :)

Do you know a woman (personally or through their reputations!) with an amazing biz, product or story? Give them and their page a shoutout below in the Facebook post comments. I'll be doing this each week so we can all discover new and new-to-us people and ideas.

Go on over to the page now and add someone who deserves a shoutout!

Make it as you wish.

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