Tuesday, July 5, 2011

10thousandgirl Post: The Creative Everyday

So yes, I have been doing some writing, though not here on SSS. I've had to (enjoyably!!) do it  for work as I've sidestepped to be the Editorial Content manager at 10thousandgirl - something I am very excited about!

I'll be doing a range of interviews, articles and posts on a regular basis as well as putting together the monthly newsletter. And I'm on the lookout for contributors - so if you are one or if you know any, you know what to do (or if you don't know what to do... email me at savvysassyshe@gmail.com).

So if you're raring for something to read by yours truly, visit the post here: http://www.10thousandgirl.com/2011/07/04/creative-everyday/

Make it as you wish SSSs!
Arienne xo

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